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Ortega, Jacksonville, FL

Thank you for all you do and for who you are. You touch many lives with your kindness, humor, and compassion. You certainly touched mine and, literally, will always be a part of me – right up front!! I’ll be smiling for both of us!

Jane H.

Houston, TX

I appreciate each of you and the work you have done. I fell in love with each of you. You’ve been so sweet!

Margie H.

Timuquana, Jacksonville, FL

I want to let you know how much I appreciate the kindness and patience you have shown to me. I really never experienced a pleasant visit to the dentist until I came to you!!! Somehow, you always know when I need a little understanding and moral support (and Nitrous). Thank you for being advisors, and friends that I can count on regarding my dental problems.

Clara W.

Westside, Jacksonville, FL

Thank you for the great job on my teeth!! You are the best!!

David S.

Ortega, Jacksonville, FL

My motivation for coming to see Dr. Rittenberg was to improve the health and appearance of my teeth. I had a very comfortable and pleasant experience during my dental treatment. Dr. Rittenberg and his staff were very accommodating to my needs, and the treatment I received has positively influenced my life. I find myself smiling more with great confidence. I am very happy with the treatment I received from Dr. Rittenberg, and would gladly do it again. I would definitely recommend having dental treatment to improve your smile.

Susie T.

Virginia Beach, VA

This is the best dentist practice I have ever been involved with. I am so pleased with your service. Every employee is very nice. I also like how concerned you are about your patients. Keep up the good work. God Bless

Samantha H.

St. Augustine, FL

I was missing several bottom molars on both sides of my mouth. I was interested in getting an evaluation to see if I was a good candidate for mini Implants. I was looking for an honest opinion. A very close family member had recommended you to me because of your professionalism and outstanding work. I appreciated that you spent a great deal of time with me. It was interesting to see how much research was involved in evaluating my particular case. All my concerns were addressed thoroughly before the procedure. The follow up phone calls to make sure I was doing alright meant a lot to me. Your staff is very caring and compassionate. I am very happy with my implants. You did a great job! I am able to chew foods so easily. I am using the tooth and gum rinse that you recommended regularly. I will definitely take better care of my teeth, thanks to you. I felt very comfortable with the treatment I received from beginning to end. I appreciate your positive attitude and the way you listened to my concerns

Donald M

Normandy, Jacksonville, FL

Thank you so much for being the kind of dentist that you are. You have that bedside manner that’s so important. I could never thank you enough for being so good to my family and me. I could go on and on. I’ll stop and say you are a wonderful dentist in every way

Sara N.& Family

Northside, Jacksonville, FL

I want to thank all of you for everything you did to make my new life so wonderful. Everytime I look in the mirror i get tears in my eyes just to see how beautiful my smile is. I can talk to others without putting my hand over my mouth. In fact, I am boastful about letting them see my beautiful teeth. I could write all day but there are not enough words to express how grateful I am for what you have done for me. I thank God for sending me to wonderful people like you. May God bless all of you and keep you in his care.

Jeanette W.

Ortega, Jacksonville FL

I went to the dentist because I was afraid and embarassed about neglecting my teeth. I never expected to have acomplished such a great change to my smile. Dr. Rittenberg's staff was caring and compassionate. I love my new teeth and can now taste the foods I eat and smile! Thank you, you have a patient for life and I will recommend your office every time I get the opportunity.

Nancy H.

Jacksonville FL

I wanted to align my crowded teeth, but I did not want to go with traditional braces. I had seen Invisalign advertised on TV, and I was pleased when I found out Dr. Rittenberg offered the Invisalign program. All I can say is wow! I love how simple the trays are to use, and I especially love the convenience of removing them when I wanted, like for special occasions or eating out with friends. I am also very pleased how quickly I saw results. The entire process only took 12 months! As an added bonus, I am able to use the trays with whitening gel to bleach my teeth! I would recommend Invisalign especially to adults, as they are hardly detectable when you are wearing them.

Melissa B.

Jacksonville FL

I went looking for a dentist because I had poor dental hygiene over the past thirty years resulting in tooth loss and other problems that required immediate attention. I wanted to regain the ability to smile again and have a conversation without being self-conscious of my dental appearance. After more than thirty years of not seeking dental assistance I didn't know what to expect. At Dr. Rittenberg's office I have not only experienced excellent dental care, but they are the most helpful staff with a wonderful ability to put you at ease. Five minutes into my first visit whatever foolish fears I brought with me were gone and I was completely at ease. In just a few short weeks all my expectations have been realized, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Rittenberg and his staff. " Learn more about the comforts we provide.

Robert R.

Jacksonville FL

Dr. Rittenberg is a very nice, down to earth dentist. I had a fear of the dentist prior to going to his office, but after my second appointment, my fear was gone. During all my appointments Dr. Rittenberg made sure that I was comfortable and that I was always looking forward to my appointments! I recommended him to all my friends! Thank you Dr. Rittenberg for taking my fear of the dentist away. Special thanks also to Ms. Paula, she did and excellent job in cleaning my teeth, she's awesome! To all who work there, thank you and good job!

Dinah R.

Jacksonville FL

You are so precious to me and I appreciate everything you do for so many. You are, without a doubt, the greatest dentist in the whole world. Your staff is A Plus in all they do. Know you are loved and appreciated.


Orange Park FL

Dr. Rittenberg and staff, I would like to say thank you for assisting me in my pain and by being punctual professionals who alway put their patients first. Your kindness will never be obliterated.

Anthony W.

Jacksonville FL

Dear Doctor Rittenberg & his Professional staff, We call you our family. I am so thankful. Dr. Rittenberg and Your Staff. I thank God everyday and for him to continue to Bless You and Your Staff. You all put the patients needs and met them with the nicest Professional care I have ever had the opportunity of witnessing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have a million dollar picture in my mind that I will never forget as long as I live. My husband walked outside to the secretary's desk with a Million dollar smile! Now for people that do not know my husband this would sound a little funny. I truth is when I see the Professional care for the patients needs with love and compassion not only does he Have a Million dollar smile when he comes out to the lobby! He is smiling all the way home and yes, he looks like a movie star and is one in fact !You will neverknow how a wife feels and she see's this big Happy Smile 🙂 all the time.I think I will print up some T shirts with Billy the Movie Star's face on it and your address a phone number of your office. He is the Million Dollar smile Billy G. making people still laugh in these ecominic hard times ! I thank the Lord Evryday for all of You and My Million Dollar Baby, Mr. Billy G. !

Mrs. Amy G

Jacksonville FL

Thank you so much for giving me a new crown. For the first time in months I am able to eat on my right side without pain. You will be my dentist for life!

Beverly C.

Jacksonville FL

Thank you for a great welcome! I am so happy to have found your office. Everyone has been especially nice. I gave out about 10+ of your business cards at the office when I got in.

Lisa S.

Southside. Jacksonville, FL

I can't put in words how extremely grateful I am for having been a patient of Dr, Rittenberg and his Superior Staff for that last 20 years. Recently, I had to undergo extensive dental procedures and orthodontics in order to correct my bite and save my 7 front teeth. Needless to say this was a very stressful and emotional process, having a tooth pulled (never before) braces, and 7 crowns was a tremendous amount for me to handle. I could not and most likely would not have done this process had it not been for Dr. Rittenberg and his Staff, Talk about scared, nervous, sweaty palms, rapidheart beat - I had it ALL! Over the course of 16 months I now have the most beautiful SMILE - I never dreamed I would be so Pleased, Happy, Ecstatic -great side benefit that I never expected, my migraines have nearly stopped! Each and every visit I was treated with care, dignity and respect and I was a total big baby! However, Dr. R and his Team just made the pain go away - completed the process and set my next appointment! Dr. Rittenberg, and his Fab Team are the VERY BEST Dental Professionals in the world!!

Rebecca P

Jacksonville, FL

Everyone in this practice is a professional, attentive to my needs and comfort. Dr R. has the latest technology, really cares about the needs of the patient, and provides the most comprehensive care I've ever received. I've referred many friends and coworkers and everyone has returned with glowing reports of their experiences also.

Barbara B

Jacksonville, FL

I am a coward and everyone made me feel very relaxed and comfortable from the minute I checked in. Really the place to go when you need dental care and are a big chicken like I am.

Kathleen K

Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Rittenberg and his staff always make sure that you are comfortable and I have never experienced any pain in the over 25+ years that I have been going to this office. The patient is always their main focus

Marsha H

Jacksonville, FL

Dr Rittenberg is by far the best dentist I have ever had. He appears to focus on acquiring the best staff and latest equipment available. Dr Rittenberg and his assistants are highly skilled and personable. I like that they don't have Billboards TV ads.

John S

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